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06 October 2015
The ‘World Largest Lesson (WLL)’ in Brunei

The ‘World Largest Lesson’ (WLL) is an initiative launched by the Global Goals campaign and UNICEF. It is an initiative to teach children in over 100 countries about the new 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) where 193 world leaders committed to the achievement of the SGD. According to Richard Curtis, the founder of the Global Goals campaign, “The World’s Largest Lesson is a fantastic opportunity to tell all children, everywhere what the Global Goals are and how they can play their part to make sure they are achieved”.

01 October 2015
Adopting students to their home: Inspiring Teachers

A child who had been guided properly by responsible adults around him in early stages of life has more chances of succeeding in life. As children, our knowledge, values and manners are often acquired from those grown-ups around us, particularly our parents and teachers.

01 October 2015
Beyond Teaching in The Classroom

To many, perhaps the main job description of a teacher today is limited to disseminating knowledge within the four walls of a classroom. Teachers in schools are also entrusted with administrative work, extra-curricular activities and are involved in professional development programmes as well as conduct intervention initiatives for their students. Added to all these, the teacher also take different roles as the students’ role model, listener and at times, counsellor. In juggling the many tasks that entail in the job scope of a teacher, one particular educator has taken his job description yet to another level.

24 September 2015
Majlis Ibadah Korban 2015

​​Download the poster for this year's Majlis Ibadah Korban by clicking on the following link: LINK

22 September 2015
25th Teachers' Day Prayers

​You can download the "Doa" for the 25th Teachers' Day Celebration from our Resources -> Download PDF & Files section, in the 25th Teachers' Day Folder. You can also click this LINK to be taken to the downloads section.

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