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Towards Excellent Primary and Secondary Education
Provide quality professional support and services towards a balanced education
Director:Yang Mulia Awang Zaman bin Haji Gapar
Address:2nd Floor, Block 2J2:02
Ong Sum Ping Condominium
Jalan Jawatan Dalam
Bandar Seri Begawan, BB1311
Brunei Darussalam
Contact:Tel: +673 2230511 / +673 2230513
Fax: +673 2230515
E-Mail Address :
Ensure quality and effective teaching and learning.
Constantly raise the quality of academic achievements of all schools.
Provide basic needs such as teachers and educational facilities towards holistic individual potential development.
Provide staff development programmes and activities to officers, school leaders, teachers and staff.
Create a dynamic, progressive, caring, competitive and happy school culture in accordance to the ‘Melayu Islam Beraja’ philosophy.
Mould excellent, responsible, competitive, progressive, knowledgeable, and skilled students.
Main Functions
Supervise, coordinate and support implementation of policy, regulations and programmes of the Ministry in all primary and secondary schools.
Coordinate, analyse and supervise matters related to teaching and learning including reports from other departments, government agencies and the public.
Raise quality and level of professionalism of officers, school administrators, teachers and staff through various staff development programmes locally and abroad.
Plan, assess and monitor supply of teaching and learning materials.
Process and supervise recruitment, posting and development of officers and teachers locally and abroad.
Cooperate with all other departments under the Ministry of Education and other government agencies and non-government agencies on matters related to roles and functions of the Department of Schools.
Provide counselling and career guidance services to schools.
Issue Student Passes to foreign student studying in this country.
Provide and monitor annual budgets.
Sections & Units
Secondary Education Section

Primary Education Section

Counseling and Career Guidance Section

Teacher Recruitment and Placement Unit

SPN21 Monitoring and Implementation Unit

Student Pass Unit

Staff Development and Training Unit

Public Relation and Administration Unit

​ICT Unit

Health Promotion Unit

​International (Student) Unit

Budget and Finance Unit

School Library Unit

Client Service Charter
Secondary Education Section​

To process applications for admission to government schools within the specific zoning area for:

Form 1 & 4 students from non-government schools after the release of the PSR and PMB examination results (14 days).
Form 2, 3, & 5 students from non-government schools (1 day).
Form 1 to Pre-U students from schools under the Ministry of Religious Affairs (3 days).
Form 1 to Pre-U students who are Brunei citizens returning from abroad, as well as foreigners (14 days).

​To process applications from students (Form 1 to Pre-U) for transfer to schools outside the specified zoning areas (3 days).

To process applications for admission into Form 1 to Pre-U for students from non-government schools as well as students from schools under the Ministry of Religious Affairs who register for admittance late (3 days).

To process special cases which are covered under the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education with regards to the following matters:

Monthly tests and examinations, class promotion. streaming of students, as for example, into Science and Arts streams, Subject selection, Certification of various certificates such as IGCSE / GCSE / CSE / IB and so on.

For Form 1 – 5 students (7 days).
For Pre-U students (14 days)

To process applications from students for re admission to school after they have stopped schooling or have been suspended by the school:

For Form 1 – 5 (7 days)
Pre-U (14 days)

Primary School Education

To process late applications for pupils to gain admission into kindergarten (3 days).

To process application for transfer from private schools to government schools (kindergarten to Primary 5) (3 days).
Teacher Recruitment and Development Section
To process recruitment of retired teachers (2 days).
To process renewal of the service of month – to – month retired teachers (2 days).​ ​​​

Counselling and Career Guidance Section

To process applications and to offer advice and motivation, with regard to the following (1 day): 

GCE ‘O’ Level
AS Level

To process applications and to counsel students, teachers and parents on the following prospects (6 days):

Personal Counselling
Group Counselling
Career Counselling
Drugs Counselling
Family Counselling
Couple’s Counselling

To provide counseling services to teachers, parents departments, Ministry and the private sector (12 days).

Student Pass Section

To process study agreement forms (5 minutes):

New agreement
Renewal of study agreement
Transfer of school

To issue permission letters for study in schools in Brunei Darussalam (5 minutes).

To process applications and to issue ‘exemption letters’ to study in Brunei Darussalam (5 minutes).

Health Promotion Unit

To process applications and to offer advice related to promotion of health in Primary schools, Secondary schools and colleges. (1 day).​​​