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Quality Co-curricular Education Towards Dynamic Nation
To Deliver Holistic Co-Curricular Education to Achieve Fullest Potential for All
Director of Cocurricular Education:Awang Haji Azis bin Haji Nayan
Address:Jalan 10, Kampong Perpindahan Lambak Kanan
Berakas, BC 2315
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Contact:Tel. No.: 2333041, 2333043, 2333053, 2333054 & 2333061
Fax No.: 2332977 & 2332976
Aims & Objectives
To nurture charismatic, disciplined, spirited, forward-thinking and resilient generation of students and inculcating positive moral characters. 
To enable students to learn and hone basic skills and develop them in achieving excellence. 
To involve as much students/participants as possible in co-curricular activities. 
To produce students who are able to plan healthy, beneficial and safe activities/ programmes in leading a healthy lifestyle. 
To develop students to not only excel in academic but also skilled in fields that contribute towards the development and betterment of their physical, spiritual, personal, intellect, emotional and social domains, in supporting their national, religion and country duties and responsibilities. To engage students’ talents in the co curricular sports education and raise their potential in becoming sport’s elite in the future. 
To create opportunities for teachers to undergo courses and trainings that generate efficient implementation of co curricular activities in schools and colleges. 
Refering to the Ministry of Education Letter No.2/1995 dated 8 Jamadilakhir 1416, corresponding to 1 November 1995, Reference KPE /M7/ 42/95 the functions and duties of the Co-Curricular Education Department are as follows:-
1. As a center of planning and implementation as well as the source and driving of all additional activities in primary, secondary and college-level institutions throughout the country in term of:-

  • Plan, coordinate, supervise, advise guide/ train and further assess additional activities.
  • Hold training projects, courses, seminars and workshops for the purpose of developing additional activities.
  • Plan and coordinate the allocation and convenience for the implementation of activities.
  • As an advisior and coordinator of primary, secondary, and junior high schools who wants to organize/ manage their activities.
  • As the organizer and directors of activities at the national, regional and international levels when Brunei become the host country.
2. As coordinator and liaison between the school/ college and outside parties:-

  • Collaborate with other ministries in national and international festivals involving schools/ colleges.
  • Collaborate with other ministries such as activities related to the Uniform Force (Military Cadets, Police Cadets, Fire and Rescue, Scouts, Girl Guides, Red Cresent and more)
​3. As a liaison, coordinators, advisors and informants to the school/college regarding the involvement / participation of school/ college with the relevant parties ( domestic and abroad)
​4. Responsible for giving advice and assesment, appreciation of the devotional service and the achievement of teachers and students individually, in group and comprehensive (school/college)
​5. Responsible for the work directed by the Ministry of Education such as organizing visits, cultural performances etc. such as seminars, symposiums, international meetings when Brunei Darussalam become the host country

Unit/ Sections
School Sports Council Brunei Darussalam (MSSBD)
Jasmani Unit
Religious Unit
The Akli Unit
Uniform Group and Social Services
Organization Structure
Struktur Organisasi JPKK 2018.png