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​Towards Providing Excellence in Administration and Services

Implementing Good Governance and Providing Dynamic, Secure and Cost Effective Services for the Stakeholders

​Director​Yang Mulia Awang Ramlee bin Haji Jamudin
​Address​3rd floor, Block B
Ministry of Education
Old Airport Road, Berakas BB3510
Negara Brunei Darussalam
​Contact​Tel: +673 2380765
Fax: +673 2381135
Email Address:

  • To organize personnel matters such as recruitment, promotion, recommendation and confirmation of post increment discipline and processing for further action and payment of all categories of gratuities
  • To assist the Department of Schools and Institute of Brunei Technical Education in the recruitment of expatriate teachers including renewal and termination of their contract
  • To arrange advertisements and conduct interviews for the posts in the departments under the Ministry of Education
  • To process applications for leave and free / Haj Passage application; maintain and update records of service and coordinate loan schemes and submit applications for ownership of land
  • To arrange for the payment of salaries, allowances and other payments under the Ministry of Education
  • To coordinate and submit the annual budgets of the Ministry of Education to the relevant authorities
  • To supervise the school feeding schemes and hostel administration
  • To call for tenders and process tender documents for further action
  • To provide transport for eligible students, officers staff and teachers in order to attend school, extra-curricular activities, and to perform official duties
  • To act as the Secretariat for the Mini-Tender Board, Ministry of Education
  • To conduct an internal audit of departments, schools and colleges
  • To inspect, recommend and take action for equipment to be written off
  • To process and allocate accommodation facilities to eligible applicants in the Ministry of Education


Units under Finance Division


Accounting and Provisions Unit2384270 
Budget and Monitoring Sub-Unit  
Provision and Buy Sub-Unit2380640 / EXT 11032381034
Monthly Emolument Sub-Unit2384275 / 2384272 / EXT 2107 / 21082381006
Baucher Sub-UnitEXT 2103 / 21112381006
Cash and Revenue Sub-Unit 2381032 / EXT 21052381006
Daily Emolument Sub-Unit2381028 / EXT 21042381006
Tender and Quotation Sub-Unit2380695 / EXT 11002381034

Units under Corporate Division


Personnel Services Unit2380886 
Establishment Sub-Unit2380611 / 2382877 / EXT 3004 / 30052230625
Pension and Contract Sub-Unit2380874 / 2383743 / EXT 40052380552
Gems Sub-Unit  
Recruitment and Advertisment Sub-Unit2381634 / 2380450 2380450
Management and Development UnitEXT 23162382153
Support Staff Management Sub-Unit2383357/2383356 
Strategic Development Unit23821532382153
Human Resource Development Sub-Unit23821702382153
Disciplinary Sub-Unit23833192383320
General Administration Sub-Unit2383357 

Units under Transport and Food Service Division


Transport Unit
School Bus Services Sub-Unit
Administration and Finance Sub-Unit
Boat Services Sub-Unit
BG Transport Sub-Unit
Food Services and Hostel Unit2330080 / 2330735

2332551 / 2330745

Canteen Sub-Unit

Administration Sub-Unit2330080
School Feeding Scheme and Hostel Sub-Unit2330735
Provisions Sub-Unit2330080
Transport Unit (Tutong)4221723 / 4221379 

Units under Facilities and Health, Safety, Security and Environment Division


Facilities Unit2232061 / 22306242230623
Housing Sub-Unit2230124 /22301212230584
Basic Facilities Sub-Unit22303232230120
Allowance and Loans Sub-Unit2232653 / 22306232230625
Housekeeping Sub-Unit2232062 /2232063/ 2230122 2233024
Write-off Sub-Unit2232653 / 22306232230625
Health, Safety, Security and Environment Unit
Administration Sub-Unit
Environment Sub-Unit
Security Sub-Unit
Safety Sub-Unit
Health Sub-Unit

Organization Chart
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Download Documents
Health Safety, Security and Environment Unit

Standard Operating Procedure

SOP on Handling Air Pollution Incident (Haze) at Schools in Brunei Darussalam  - Click Here
SOP on Handling Bushes and Forest Fire Near School Compound - Click Here
SOP for Food Poisoning - Click Here
SOP for Road/Pedestrian Accident - Click Here
SOP on Flood at Schools - Click Here
SOP for School Field Trip - Click Here
SOP for the Establishment of HSSE Committee - Click Here
SOP for Provision of HSSE Policy in Schools - Click Here

Inventory and Inspection 

Form 1 Regulation Form (due to lost /Fire) - Click Here
Form 2 Report Form Building Technical Inspection - Click Here
Form 3 Application Form Write-Off Government Property - Click Here
Attachment 1 - Checklist Write-Off Government Property- Click Here
Attachement D - Write-Off Government Property and Demolishing Building - Click Here

*Updated 14/8/2018