Note: The updated MOE Vision & Mission for 2017 will be available in the near future.


Vision: Quality Education towards a Developed, Peaceful and Prosperous Nation

The Ministry of Education acknowledges the relationship between education and economic performance, participation in the global economy and the development of knowledgeable society through quality education. A quality education seeks to develop and equip our children morally, intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically with proper values and appropriate skills to become responsible dynamic citizens, who are able to contribute positively to the nation.

The Ministry of Education is committed to providing an educational system that prepares young people for future adult roles as capable, creative, thinking citizens who can contribute to and benefit their families, community and society. The Ministry of Education recognizes that globalization, together with increased sensitivity to national, regional and cultural issues affects the individual and group identity, places fresh demands upon the education system and is challenging assumptions about the purpose and functions of education.


Mission: Provide Holistic Education to Achieve Fullest Potential for All

The Ministry of Education as a professional and dynamic organisation will provide a holistic education system of an international standard offering educational programs with a relevant and balanced curriculum which will develop students to their fullest potential. The Ministry of Education will nurture students with spiritual strength; a healthy body and mind; high social, moral, aesthetic and cultural values together with excellent cognitive skills. The Ministry is also committed to creating opportunities for expanding fields of excellence.