Quality Education, Dynamic Nation
(Pendidikan yang Berkualiti, Bangsa yang Dinamik)

Quality Education

Providing equitable access to education to achieve equality in developing and eqquiping our MIB driven value future generations with 21st Century Skills supported with an intended, adaptable and relevant curriculum focusing on the needs of individuals

Dynamic Nation

MIB-driven value individuals who are life-long learners, competent (efficient and productive), competitive and responsive to global trends

To Deliver Holistic Education to Achieve Fullest Potential for All
(Memberikan Pendidikan yang Holistik bagi Mencapai Potensi Penuh bagi Semua)

The Ministry of Education as a professional and dynamic organisation will provide a holistic education system of an international standard offering educational programs with a relevant and balanced curriculum which will develop students to their fullest potential. The Ministry of Education will nurture students with spiritual strength; a healthy body and mind; high social, moral, aesthetic and cultural values together with excellent cognitive skills. The Ministry is also committed to creating opportunities for expanding fields of excellence.