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1)     What qualifications do I need to enter IBTE?

There are different levels of qualifications to pursue studies in IBTE needed depending on the programme one is interested in:



SC2 (Skill Certificate 2)

·     2 ‘O’ Level Passes

SC3 (Skill Certificate 3)

·     2 ‘O’ Level Credits in relevant subjects and 2 Passes

ISQ (Industrial Skills Qualifications)

·     Pass Medical Fitness

·     Not colour blind

·     Able to work at heights

·     Complete Year 10 (Express) or Year 11 of Secondary Education


·     4 ‘O’ Level Credits in relevant subjects

·     Complete Form 3

·     Minimum 16 years of age

NTec (National Technical Education Certificate)

·     3 ‘O’ Level with prerequisite grades in relevant subjects

·     Pass in relevant subjects*

HNTec (Higher National Technical Education Certificate)

·     Pass in relevant subjects

·     NTec in related field equivalant qualifiaction.

IBTE BMA (Brunei Maritime Academy) Diploma

·     5 ‘O’ Level Credits in relevant subject

·     Pass Medical & Eye Test

IBTE BMA (Brunei Maritime Academy) Apprenticeship

·     Completed Year 9 with minimum age of 18 years old

·     Can communicate in English

·     Medically Fit


2)     How can a foreigner apply to be a teacher in Brunei?

Overseas recruitment are conducted and advertised from time to time through various channels like Public Service Department website or e-Darussalam.

3)     What kind of scholarships does the Ministry of Education offer for students with excellent results?

The Ministry of Education currently provides the scholarships for the following levels:

-     Degree / Undergraduate level

-     Masters / Postgraduate level

-     PhD level

Scholarships after BC GCSE O-levels are by invitation only from the Ministry of Education.


4)     How can I apply for an education loan facility?

The application form can be downloaded from the Ministry of Education website ( Once filled, it needs to be sent to:

Higher Education Division

Room B514, 5th floor, Block B,

Ministry of Education

Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama Berakas



5)     How can a foreign student acquire scholarship to study in Brunei?

Advertisements for scholarships to study in Brunei will be issued some time between November and December through Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. The candidate would then have to approach the respective Brunei Darussalam embassy/high commision with relevant documents (e.g previous qualifications, reference letters and a possible personal statement).


6)     Where can I get a list of institutions accredited by MoE Brunei?

There is no specific list of accredited institutions and accreditation is based on a number of variables (e.g course content). Accreditation advice can be sought from the Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council (BDNAC).

BDNAC can be reached at:

Pejabat Urusetia Majlis Kebangsaan Pengiktirafkan Kelulusan (MKPK)/ Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council (BDNAC)

2nd Floor, Block B

Ministry of Education

Old Airport, Berakas BB3510

Brunei Darussalam.


Main Office: +673 238 0017

Fax: + 673 238 1238


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