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Science Technology and Environment Partnership Centre (STEP)

​To support in ensuring the opportunity on the development of Science, Technology and Environment Education and hence enhancing the development of skilled human resources in the fields especially for business and industrial sectors

​Be the Centre for effective enrichment initiatives related to Science, Technology, Environment and Mathematics (STEM) education

​Enrich the knowledge and skills of students and teachers on Science, Technology, Environment and Mathematics (STEM) related fields through educational initiatives

​Head of STEP
Tkt.1, Blok A, 
Jalan Lumapas, Kg Lupak Luas, 
Mukim Lumapas, BJ2524
Brunei Darussalam
Tel : 
Fax : 

​The Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre, established within the Ministry of Education, had started its operation since the beginning of 1999.  Its operation was marked with the Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education and Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad, as its first partner.

As part of the centre main policy, the word “partnership” in this context means that programmes and activities would be organized in collaboration / cooperation / close communications between the educational institutions and other ministries, departments, business and industries; and related non-government organizations (national, regional and international).  Through this partnership, it is expected that benefits would be gained by all the organizations involved.

More  information  about  STEP  Centre,  it  can  be  viewed  through  STEP  Centre  blogspot : 

  • ​To provide opportunity for students and teachers to gain experiences and knowledge and skills on Science, Technology, Environment and Mathematics (STEM) related fields through enrichment initiatives
  • To promote interest and awareness of students towards the importance STEM related fields
  • To establish partnerships and collaborations with other organisations in conducting educational initiatives

Key Roles
  • Developing,  organising  and  coordinating  educational  initiatives   that  enhance  knowledge,  skills,   interest and  awareness  of   students  and  teachers  on   Science,  Technology,  Environment and  Mathematics (STEM) related  fields
  • Involving  students,  teachers  and  other  educational  stakeholders to  participate  in  conducting  STEM  related    educational  initiatives   Inculcating  the  21st  century  skills  through  STEM  related  educational  initiatives
  • Evaluating  the  suitability  of  any  proposed  or  invitational  programmes  from  other  organisations.
  • Develop  and  organise  partnerships  or  collaborative  initiatives  with  other organisations