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The Public Relation Section will become an excellent interactive information management centre for the Ministry of Education through its delivery of quality information related services.
The Public Relations Section is committed to providing quality information related services aimed at providing customer satisfaction, throughthe utilisation of its networking force and effective communication channels, to reflect the transparency of the Ministry of Education’s public administration as well as its care and concern for its publics.
Head of Public Relations Unit:Yang Mulia Dayang Sharinah binti Haji Awang Suhaimi
Address:2nd Floor, Block A
Ministry of Education
Old Airport Road
Berakas BB3510
Brunei Darussalam
Contact:Tel. No.: +673 2381133 ext. 1214
Fax No.: +673 2381846
Organisational Structure
To serve as an official channel of communication for the Ministry of Education. 
To promote and project the image of the Ministry of Education as a caring organisation. 
To create and build a body of information network with agencies within and outside the Ministry of Education. 
To help reflect the transparency of the Ministry of Education’s public administration. 
To facilitate the insemination and dissemination of information from and to the public. 
To act as the Point of Contact (POC) for individuals and agencies within and outside the Ministry of Education in supplying and seeking information.
Co-ordinating public relations affairs between the Ministry of Education with other ministries, departments, institutions of higher learning, colleges, schools and others.
Communicating official statements and information regarding policies, plans, projects and activities of the Ministry of Education. 
Dealing with questions, appeals and complaints from the public. 
Obtaining, collecting, compiling resource and reference materials including printing speeches and working papers delivered by high officials of the Ministry of Education. 
Disseminating information through various channels of communication including the Internet. 
Processing and publishing printed materials about the Ministry of Education in the form of books, newsletters, pamphlets and others.
Forwarding applications for approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs of any fund raising activities and publications of printed materials for public consumption received from schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning. 
Handling related public relations work such as issuing press releases, managing media, interviews, news coverage and briefings. 
Acting as the Ministry of Education official spokesman as may be directed by the Minister of Education or as and when it is deemed necessary. 
Managing, co-ordinating and preparing programmes of visits for coporate guests of the Ministry of Education.