SR Sengkurong and SM Berakas emerged as Winners at ScienceWiz 2018 Competition, Cluster 2

Nov 26, 2018

CLUSTER 2 , Department of Schools, Ministry of Education held a 3 days competition called ScienceWiz 2018 for participating Primary Schools and Secondary Schools across the country. Sekolah Rendah Sengkurong awarded as the champion after competing with 22 participating primary schools and Sekolah Menengah Berakas as the champion for the Secondary schools out of 8 Secondary schools participated.

SM Berakas ScienceWiz Champion for Secondary Schools category 2018.JPG

Winner from Secondary Schools Category - SM Berakas

SR Sengkurong ScienceWiz Champion for Primary Schools category 2018.JPG

Winner from Primary Schools Category - SR Sengkurong

The competition helps in promoting the creativity and instilling HOT skills amongst the students by the creation of the resources needed in the ScienceWiz platform. The resources were designed based on the rubric that fully utilized HOT skills and around STEM framework (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Participants need to proposed a viable solution to a problem-based question surrounding their topical theme given. This provide the avenue for the students in identifying real-world problem and proposed ideas and solution to the problem. 

It also help students to practise their thinking skills as well as perform their creativity and innovation in response to the task given. Apart from that, it also help in developing their collaborative skills and teamwork in tight and pressure situation as within 3 days, schools need to create a video explanation hosted by the students themselves, notes, exercises and blueprint of their solution. 10 judges had been appointed from Primary and Secondary schools to help in assessing the submission. 

The submission will be uploaded to an extension of the cluster website. This enable schools to use the resources as flipped learning resources and even as plenary resources for a lesson or projectwork. You may access the website at