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​The International Affairs Unit (IAU) of the Ministry of Education plays an integral part as the front desk and contact agent to the Ministry in rendering relevant, education related information to any inquiries. Its role in providing openings to establishment of formal networks or links significantly supports Ministry of education in achieving its goals as stipulated in the Strategic Plan 2012- 2017 and to materialize our National Vision 2035 (Wawasan 2035); to build a first class education and be recognized worldwide for the accomplishments of its well-educated and highly skilled people.

Elevate Brunei Darussalam’s Profile In Education At The Global Level.
To become an effective agent for enhanced international collaboration.
Organisation Profile
Head of International Affairs Unit:Yang Mulia Pengiran Hajah Mas Joliwane binti Pengiran Haji Tejudin
Address:2nd Floor, Block A
Ministry of Education
Old Airport Road
Berakas BB3510
Brunei Darussalam
Contact:Direct line   :+673 238 1256
Tel no         :+673 2381133 ext 1209/1210
Fax no        :+673 238 0703
Organisation Structure

Main functions
Research, gather and disseminate precise and updated information related to international matters to all IAU clientele in and outside the Ministry

Manage all official visits for the Minister, Deputy Minister and Senior officials of Ministry of Education to regional and international countries' Ministers of Education and their Senior Officials.

Close monitoring of bilateral or multilateral ties between Brunei Darussalam and foreign stakeholders consisting of countries and international organisations involved in the field of education (i.e. APEC, UNESCO, SEAMEO, ISESCO, ASEAN, etc.)

Enhance cooperation and strengthen collaboration in education services and expertise through bilateral and multilateral engagements in training programmes, innovative research projects, sharing of best practices, as well as exchange of students, academicians and personnel from the Ministry throughout the year.

Analysing, monitor developments and report status of achievements of any programmes or projects in the efforts to further enhance the quality of National Education System in Support of National Vision 2035, implementing the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Education 2012-2017.

Planning for strategic engagements at the international level with the aim in enhancing the quality of education through high quality research supported with systematic implementation process.


To assist in acquiring more best practices and latest information for the rapid education development in Brunei Darussalam

To strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation in Education

To ensure increasing performance in participation in bilateral and international activities

To project Brunei Darussalam's own brand in education.

Ministry of Education's Involvement at Regional and International Level


  1. ASEAN Ministers of Education Meeting (ASED)
  2. ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOMED)
  3. ASEAN Plus Three Ministers of Education Meeting (ASED+3)
  4. ASEAN Plus Three Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOMED+3)
  5. ASEAN East Asia Summit Education Ministers Meeting + (EAS EMM)
  6. ASEAN East Asia Summit Senior Officials Meeting on Education (EAS SOM EMM)
  7. ASEAN + Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Consultative Meeting
  8. ASEAN University Network (AUN)



a)      Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Council Conference (SEAMEC)

b)      SEAMEO High Officials Meeting (SEAMEO-HOM)

c)      SEAMEO Executive Committee Meeting (SEAMEO-EXCO)

d)      Regional Centres SEAMEO ( 20 Centres) :

  • Brunei Darussalam
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education (VOCTECH)
  • Malaysia
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics (RECSAM)
    • SEAMEO TROPMED Regional Centre for Microbiology, Parasitology and Entomology ( TROPMED Malaysia)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Special Education ( SEN)
  • Singapore
    • SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC)
  • Indonesia
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (BIOTROP)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Language (QITEP in Language)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Science (QITEP in Science)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Mathematics (QITEP in Mathematics)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (RECFON)
    • SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre (SEAMOLEC)
  • Thailand
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Higher Education and Development (RIHED)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SPAFA)
    • SEAMEO Regional Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network (TROPMED-Network) / SEAMEO TROPMED Regional Centre for Tropical Medicine ( TROPMED Thailand)
  • Philippines
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology (INNOTECH)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)
    • SEAMEO TROPMED Regional Centre for Public Health ( TROPMED Philippines)
  • Vietnam
    • SEAMEO Regional Training Centre (RETRAC)
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for Lifelong Learning (CELLL)
  • Myanmar
    • SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Tradition (CHAT) 

e)      SEAMEO-ASEAN Collaboration Project.

f)       SEAMEO-UNESCO Collaboration Project

g)      SEAMEO College Project

h)      SEAMEO Project-Australia Press Award / Education Link Award


  1. UNESCO General Conference
  2. UNESCO Conferences (Core Education & Higher Education)
  3. UNESCO Regional Office, Jakarta, Indonesia
  4. UNESCO Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Brunei Darussalam National Commission to UNESCO (Ministry of Education) 


  1. ISESCO General Conference
  2. ISESCO Executive Council Meeting
  3. ISESCO Regional Office, Tehran, Iran
  4. OIC-ISESCO Islamic Conference of Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research (ICMHESR) 


    1. Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM)
    2. Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Meeting
    3. Commonwealth Small States


    1. APEC Education Ministerial Meeting (AEMM)
    2. APEC Human Resource Development Working Group Meeting (HRDWG)
    3. APEC Education Network (EDNET) 


    1. Asia-Europe Meeting of Ministers of Education (ASEMME)
    2. ASEMME Senior Officials Meeting (SOM-ASEMME)
    3. ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning

8.      UNITED NATIONS (Geneva, Switzerland)

    1. Universal Periodic Report (Second Cycles) – Brunei Darussalam National Human Rights Report (Rights to Education).


 Joint working Group Programme

MOE JWG with:

Singapore       (Ministry of Education – Core Education and Higher Education)

Thailand         (Ministry of Education – Core Education and Higher Education)

Malaysia         (Ministry of Education – Core Education and Higher Education)

Qatar               (Ministry of Education –Higher Education)

Annual Programme joined by the MoE

Education World Forum (EWF), London, United Kingdom

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), Doha, Qatar